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10 Safety Tips in the Wild



Hitting the great outdoors for a camping trip rejuvenates the soul, but remember, staying safe is key to keeping the fun rolling. My Navy days taught me a thing or two about field survival—not all lessons come from the sea! We learned the importance of self-reliance to avoid being a drag on our unit. A little care for your gear and some basic survival know-how can make all the difference. Let's gear up for a safe and exhilarating adventure with some top-notch safety tips!

Ready for an epic outdoor adventure? Here's the lowdown to keep it fun and eco-friendly:

  1. Scout It Out: Dive into the details of your destination. Know what's cool (and what's not) in terms of regulations, the weather, and how not to surprise a bear.
  2. Pick Wisely: Match the spot with your group's vibe and skills. Love solitude? Skip the crowded spots. Remember to check campsite details and pack like a pro for the weather. Packing the right gear can save you a lot of pain.
  3. Gear Up Smart: Go for the tough stuff that laughs in the face of a storm. Pro tip: make sure you keep your spare clothes dry in some kind of water proof bag. A plastic sealing bag can be a budget option. Plan grub with less mess and more eco-creds. Snacks can include dried fruit, jerky, nuts, hard boiled eggs and peanut butter.
  4. Skill Up: Master the art of cozy campfires and "leave no trace" like a boss.
  5. Tread Lightly: Stick to paths and campsites that are begging to be used. It's like nature's red carpet.
  6. Fire Smarts: Stoves are the new campfires. But if you're all about that marshmallow life, do it by the book, you do not want a wildfire blaze on your hands.
  7. Leave No Trace: Pack out what you pack in. Yes, even that. Leave the area as beautiful as you found it.
  8. Wildlife Etiquette: Keep snacks to yourself. Animals aren't great at sharing.
  9. Emergency Prep: Have a plan for "oops" moments. First-aid kit? Check. Someone knows you’re out and about? Double-check.
  10. Be a Trail Angel: Spot trash? Make it vanish. Spread the word about keeping nature happy.

Dive in, leave it better, and share the love. Nature's counting on you!

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